We Recycle Your Shingles!

shingle logoRecycling shingles will reduce landfill growth, decrease the country’s dependence on foreign oil, reuse previously mined aggregate, produce better roads, save money, create new jobs and generate new revenue for the state. Recycling will also save roofers money since it costs half as much to recycle the material than it does to send it to a landfill.

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1

Are you replacing a roof...or how about orchastrating a complete tear off?..Contact Accurate and speak to a live industry expert to help determine the most effecient and cost saving process.

Save up to 50% on your disposal expenses.

Step 2

With our many locations for asphalt shingle recycling dumping, determine which of our locations is most suitible for your schedule. Or, call before the project begins to utlize our roll-off services which will provide a canister placed at your location!

Currently 5 locations throughout the Tri-State area.

Step 3

Once the tear-off is complete, or you are ready to dump, call ShingleRecyclers.com for pick-up or bring in your clean asphalt shingle tear-offs for recycling. Call 610-623-7772 to start now!

Cut your disposal expenses and help lessen the burden on our landfills...It's that EASY!

Watch video of recycling process

Grinder Video